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Wei Wang is an UX Designer, Interactive Media Specialist, User Interface Designer and Interactive Information Architect Designer. Her career interests include User Interface design, Interaction design, UX research & testing for interactive technology.

She does quantitative analytics, conducts user interviews & survey, and brainstorms for innovative design solutions. As a visual thinker, she illustrates design concepts clearly with storyboards and wireframes. Having being working to create images of drawing and painting, she places these knowledge on the forms and colors of visual design. She is able to communicate efficiently in the interdisciplinary team with her experience and knowledge on information science, software engineering, web development and networks.

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  • Interaction Design, User Interface Design, Concept Model Design, Prototyping
  • Conducting User Research & Testing
  • Web Frontend Development, Web Analytics
  • Data Visualization, Information Architecture, Concept Illustration
  • HTML5, CSS3, jQuery, JavaScript
  • Adobe Creative Clouds, Axure
  • Google Analytics, Optimizely
  • Wordpress, ArcGIS, Blender
  • fluent in Mandarin and English

Design Thinking

Aesthetics of digital products is not merely a visual staff, it could be the experience, the concept and the imagination it creates for audiences.

We live in an age where a large amount of information accessible to us everyday. Our senses are exposed to various environments created by digital product. They call for something pure. Wei's design style is concerned with cleanness and simplicity. She concerns more about the experience a product offers to audiences instead of only focusing on technical sophistication. She designs to provide users with a clear and refreshing experience.



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